Friday, August 25, 2006

Well that didn't work.

Well, after a few days I realized I can't go tto sleep on command. It takes me close on half an hour to get to sleep, nomatter how tired I am, unless I don't actually plan it. So the polyphasic sleep thing is off.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Losing my mind waiting to move

So I visited the town/college/dorms a week ago, and now can't wait to move.
What's the problem? I REALLY can't wait.
12 days left in this boring town before I move.
So, I've decided to do at least one thing to keep me a
little occupied...
Not Quite Sleep: an experiment with the "Uberman" style of polyphasic sleep. Where you sleep for 20 minutes, once every 4 hours, totaling only 2 hours of sleep in a day. Supposed to give you more energy than regular sleep...
It's supposed to take 14 days to get into the cycle and not be tired all the time... I'm trying to beat that.

So, please. Bookmark or RSS my Not Quite Sleep blog, and watch me fail.