Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Haven't updated in a while, been out and around. Not having much fun, but doing more than lazing around the house for the last bit of time I'm living in this town for.

Got my marks back from my exams, and final course marks because of the exams. Needed a 60 in english (I know, wtf, english?! engineering?!) and I needed to have passed my physics. Now I'm told the college wont care for going just a little below.... I got a 56 in english and a 49 in physics. Waiting on a letter from the college saying if I'm in or not. If I am, great. If I'm not, they can take their 49 and shove it up their ass. I refuse to write a supplementary, and I don't care if I'm not into college.
My plan if I'm not in is to work here on the island until I have enough money to go to Tokyo, + enough in emergency funds to get back to Canada if I screw up.
But I'm pretty sure I'm in. In either case, I'll know in a few days... cant wait to move :D


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