Thursday, July 27, 2006

ugly decision

When i got home from work today i got a message from the college. I can get in, as an engineer, but i have to take ANOTHER year to get in, because they dont like that the school system here screwed me over and gave me 1 mark less than i needed in 2 courses, and 4 marks less than i needed in another. That brings the time before i move to tokyo up to 5 years OR MORE.. probably 6 or 7, by then i probably wont want to leave my job im in, because it would probably suit my degree and pay well.

I REALLY want to move to tokyo.

So i have a decision i have to make before tomorrow. Take the position at the college and be stuck here for no one knows how long.... or stay here, move to the city, work for 1 year maybe 2, living a very cheap lifestyle (not hard for me, in the city theres no need for a car, all i need is a small apartment, food, water, power, and internet. No need for TV... the internet can do that nowadays for cheap or free ... legally too.
This is gonna take some thinking, sucks that i only have tonight to make the decision. I'll post the decision tomorrow, no insights on what im doing yet, both options seem good to me, im just leaning away from one or the other every time i come up with a con for one, theres a pro right after it, on both sides of the scales.


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