Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tokyo U... Here I come!

Well I looked for advice, and the most dominant thing that I was told was "do what your heart tells you to." ... I had no idea what I wanted to do. So I went outside and wandered around thinking.
I decided that I refuse to give in, I'm going to follow my dreams, and go to Japan before I'm too old to enjoy it.

So the plan is to go to the capitol of this province (St. John's) and work until I have enough money to move + start off, learning Japanese as I go.
Then off to Tokyo, working and studying to start, then off to Tokyo U.... Whatever I have to do, I'm determined I'm going to that university.

Now, finding a job... I've got from now until next Friday left on my current job, that will leave me with about $500 to get on my feet in the city. Not planning on actually getting an apartment until I've been accepted somewhere for work.

Until then, that's all for now.


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