Monday, July 31, 2006


Yea... College... I'm not too enthusiastic about going... Seems like its gonna take too long... I hope the time flys by (and I pass)... Maybe I'll get lucky and win the lottery or something in my first year and quit, head off to Tokyo and go to university there... Seems at this point nothing short of stumbling into a lot of money is going to get me there when I want to be.

In the meantime I'm looking closer to reality, considering getting a reasonable used car and fixing it up, putting a killer sound system in it and in-car computer.... That wont be till next summer, cause I was counting on going to Japan and never bothered to get my license.

Bleh... On one hand I'm excited about moving, the other I'm disappointed about Japan....
Oh well, got stuff planned... unofficial launch of my internet radio station is some time in September, official is two weeks (?) I think before christmas. School starts early September, got a lot of packing to do...
>.< .. cant think about school without getting sad about japan.
wish my luck would change..


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