Thursday, November 02, 2006

Finally back to posting...

Well, its been a long time, but I'm finally posting again. I've moved to college, great place to live, I'm happy here, have lots of friends. Though, I'm still confused as to wether or not to stay and take my engineering course, or move and start on my way to japan after this year. This week anyway I'm thinking im staying.

The last few days I've been really tired, sleeping almost all day and missing classes.And today I feel different, as if im changing.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Well that didn't work.

Well, after a few days I realized I can't go tto sleep on command. It takes me close on half an hour to get to sleep, nomatter how tired I am, unless I don't actually plan it. So the polyphasic sleep thing is off.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Losing my mind waiting to move

So I visited the town/college/dorms a week ago, and now can't wait to move.
What's the problem? I REALLY can't wait.
12 days left in this boring town before I move.
So, I've decided to do at least one thing to keep me a
little occupied...
Not Quite Sleep: an experiment with the "Uberman" style of polyphasic sleep. Where you sleep for 20 minutes, once every 4 hours, totaling only 2 hours of sleep in a day. Supposed to give you more energy than regular sleep...
It's supposed to take 14 days to get into the cycle and not be tired all the time... I'm trying to beat that.

So, please. Bookmark or RSS my Not Quite Sleep blog, and watch me fail.

Monday, July 31, 2006


Yea... College... I'm not too enthusiastic about going... Seems like its gonna take too long... I hope the time flys by (and I pass)... Maybe I'll get lucky and win the lottery or something in my first year and quit, head off to Tokyo and go to university there... Seems at this point nothing short of stumbling into a lot of money is going to get me there when I want to be.

In the meantime I'm looking closer to reality, considering getting a reasonable used car and fixing it up, putting a killer sound system in it and in-car computer.... That wont be till next summer, cause I was counting on going to Japan and never bothered to get my license.

Bleh... On one hand I'm excited about moving, the other I'm disappointed about Japan....
Oh well, got stuff planned... unofficial launch of my internet radio station is some time in September, official is two weeks (?) I think before christmas. School starts early September, got a lot of packing to do...
>.< .. cant think about school without getting sad about japan.
wish my luck would change..

Sunday, July 30, 2006

College, I guess

Thinking and more thinking, Tokyo is gonna have to wait, I guess I can be 25 and still act like a kid over there... Cause that's about how long it will be before I'm there, absolute soonest if I am going to college..... Time is really the only thing I don't like about staying here, I feel like I'm missing out by choosing to stay here...
with that, don't be too surprised if I change my mind again, maybe even half way through first year of college :-/

So, I'll be talking to someone tomorrow morning....
this means almost more mess than if I didn't go to college here and even if I went and got a loan and booted it for Tokyo, I swear I'd have less loose ends in my plan in my mind.... Makes me wish I could just get up, and go. No chance to look back...

I was really looking forward to celebrating my 20th birthday in Tokyo too!... 20 is the age of majority in Japan, so there's a huge party held by most cities, and friends/families for people turning 20 that year, on the 2nd Monday in January. What made it such an exciting notion for me is that my 20th birthday is the day before the 2nd Monday in January...

Bleh, ya, I can see this being a disaster tomorrow morning, I'll be on the phone with the college rep and half way through I'll say "Fuck it, I'm calling the airport *click*"

Its just such a hard decision... Modern Japanese lifestyle is EVERYTHING I've ever wanted. As a kid I knew little to nothing about Japan and I still felt like I belonged there. Its eating me up inside to write this saying I'm going to college here... I DON'T want to do it. I want to get off my fat ass and just GO.

Guess I'll post more insanity later tonight or tomorrow morning...

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Still rethinking, it has NOT been my family's foolish advice that's got me reconsidering what I'm doing, when... It's being lonely...
Not having a girl to hang around with and well, do what girls do, it's taking its toll on me. I'm reconsidering going to college, just so I can live relaxed and have a girlfriend. To not have to worry about money.... Because I'd have a degree, I'm almost guaranteed work that way (well, most places other than here, still have to move once before Tokyo...)

I'm forcing myself to have made my decision by midday Monday. Right now it looks like I'm crawling back to the college here... I cant believe I almost feel grateful that mom told the rep that called to give me a few days to think about it rather than make my decision by yesterday....

Anyway, probably going swimming at the pool tomorrow, post again tomorrow night for anyone reading to find out if it will be 1 year or 5+ years before I move to Tokyo :/

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Tokyo U... Here I come!

Well I looked for advice, and the most dominant thing that I was told was "do what your heart tells you to." ... I had no idea what I wanted to do. So I went outside and wandered around thinking.
I decided that I refuse to give in, I'm going to follow my dreams, and go to Japan before I'm too old to enjoy it.

So the plan is to go to the capitol of this province (St. John's) and work until I have enough money to move + start off, learning Japanese as I go.
Then off to Tokyo, working and studying to start, then off to Tokyo U.... Whatever I have to do, I'm determined I'm going to that university.

Now, finding a job... I've got from now until next Friday left on my current job, that will leave me with about $500 to get on my feet in the city. Not planning on actually getting an apartment until I've been accepted somewhere for work.

Until then, that's all for now.

ugly decision

When i got home from work today i got a message from the college. I can get in, as an engineer, but i have to take ANOTHER year to get in, because they dont like that the school system here screwed me over and gave me 1 mark less than i needed in 2 courses, and 4 marks less than i needed in another. That brings the time before i move to tokyo up to 5 years OR MORE.. probably 6 or 7, by then i probably wont want to leave my job im in, because it would probably suit my degree and pay well.

I REALLY want to move to tokyo.

So i have a decision i have to make before tomorrow. Take the position at the college and be stuck here for no one knows how long.... or stay here, move to the city, work for 1 year maybe 2, living a very cheap lifestyle (not hard for me, in the city theres no need for a car, all i need is a small apartment, food, water, power, and internet. No need for TV... the internet can do that nowadays for cheap or free ... legally too.
This is gonna take some thinking, sucks that i only have tonight to make the decision. I'll post the decision tomorrow, no insights on what im doing yet, both options seem good to me, im just leaning away from one or the other every time i come up with a con for one, theres a pro right after it, on both sides of the scales.